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Listening and Noticing, My Super Power

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

You will "notice" that the name I chose for my blog is Noticing, and here is why. My Super Power is listening well and noticing things others might not.

Aside from asking great, open-ended questions and allowing ample time for the person to respond in a thoughtful way, being a good listener takes skill and practice. When you get better at this through practice, you will begin to see that you notice all sorts of things; a frown that remains unfurled for a nanosecond too long, the beginning of a smile, a catching of breath at a difficult memory, the tempo of a response. Those minute things you notice have meaning. They determine how effectively you can be of service to someone.

As I started this coaching/teaching/speaking business as a second business, I began to notice things and wanted to share them. I thought of no better way than to culminate them in a blog you could read and pass on to friends and colleagues.

As I began my third decade in the Real Estate business, I was deeply frustrated that no one was talking about what mattered to me about our industry. Words like integrity, work ethic, honor, service, and standards were all words that seemed to be absent from classes that new agents (or even seasoned agents) took. I found that backward. Those are the first words I think about if I want anyone to come into my fold and assimilate into my work culture. Yet oddly, nothing.

My workshop on the Art of Listening, Do You Hear What I Hear, begins with understanding the kind of listener you are in different situations and being alert and aware of that so that you can serve the client you are honored to be in front of.

Instead of rushing through a meeting to make sure you have regurgitated all the bells and whistles you think are essential for them to know, you learn to ask questions in a thoughtful way. You do this by creating a safe and sacred space for them to share with you what is important to them. Then and only then can you profoundly help them. Only then do you know what to pull from your tool kit to make their journey as painless and profitable as possible.

If I am creating a team, an office, a company, a culture, integrity, work ethic, honor, service, and standards are of utmost importance, and trump sales closed any day. What we offer can be taught to anyone. What we bring to the table as humans is something else.

It is already June, my friends. If you are not hitting your goals for how you want your business to resonate with yourself and your sphere, this is a great time to take a mid-year check under the hood.

I have a few more spaces for one-on-one coaching for the summer months or slots to visit offices via Zoom or in person to talk about Listening, Boundaries, Playing Big, or Business Planning.

If you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you.

Reach out to me at

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Congrats to your new blog and I always love things you post and your magazine! ever you do is just beautiful!!!


Wonderful launch of your blog! Thank you SO much. I always love taking in your eloquent words, feeling the ways they resonate inside me and nudge me a little. The quality of Being with which you move through the world is comforting, challenging, and deeply inspiring and instructive. You make me want to be a better person--no, you inspire in me a desire to be the absolutely best version of myself I can be, in any given moment, even if some days I fall flat. Thank you for stretching yourself outside your comfort zone, to help us do the same.

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