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Whether you're looking for a speaker for your next event, one-on-one or group coaching, I can help. I am passionate about empowering women and helping them realize their full potential.

Areas of Expertise

Talks & Workshops

The following workshops are available at any time. Custom workshops are available as well.

Business Planning

To achieve growth, I believe having a business plan, and a flexible mindset is necessary to pivot when opportunities arise. Staying in touch with your sphere is the foundation of a strong business plan. In this workshop, I help you design the structure of your plan, examine what you are doing well and where you need help, and brainstorm ideas to build into your plan to achieve results. You can be good, better, or best. Don’t settle for good or better. I can help you be better and the best!


Boundaries are a gift you give yourself and others who care about being in a healthy, productive relationship with you. Boundaries are often confused with getting the other person to do x, y, or z. In reality, they have nothing to do with the other person. They are all about YOU and how you protect your priorities and your peace. Learn the steps to effectively communicate your boundaries for healthier personal or business relationships.


The Art of Listening

Listening has been a passion project of mine for many years now. I firmly believe the world would be much better if we could all learn to become better listeners. Most people listen to respond instead of listening to hold space and have a deeper understanding of what the real issue is. As Stephen Covey said, “seek first to understand and then be understood.”. People who have attended my listening workshop have walked away profoundly changed in many aspects of their lives. It is not unusual for me to hear from attendees months and years later whose lives and relationships have changed due to becoming better listeners.

Ladies, Step Up to Your Life

My life was deeply impacted by the book called Playing Big by Tara Mohr. I have taken the Facilitator Training by Tara Mohr several times. This workshop loosely follows the book and examines how we sabotage ourselves in how we show up and move through the world. I am deeply committed to changing that for us and future generations.

As a huge promoter of deeper listening, Diane Terry walks her talk! Her presence alone conveys a deep level of attentiveness that is rare in this fast-paced world. The other thing you will pick up on almost immediately is her calm strength. Diane is assertive but in the most elegant and empathetic way that demonstrates the beautiful use of healthy boundaries. Her sharp wit, no-BS attitude, and ability to cut to the chase make for fun and meaty conversations!  It can feel lonely as a female leader and brokerage owner but having Diane as a friend, mentor, and resource gives me confidence and inspiration. She is someone I want to emulate and learn from forever!

Kristin Stavros



Coaching is available for individuals or in a group format. 

All clients are invited to schedule a 30-minute complimentary discovery call to assess if we are the right fit for one another.

1 / One-Time Coaching Call

A singular one-on-one, 90-minute call with Diane.


2 / 90 Days of Coaching

A series of six, 45-minute, one-on-one calls with Diane spanning the course of 90 days.


3 / Group Coaching

Available once per month.


Interested in working with me but uncertain about its affordability? Let's discuss and find a suitable solution.

“Don't be intimidated by what you don't know.

That can be your greatest strength and ensure that

you do things differently from everyone else.”

Sara Blakely

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