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Early Fall Noticing

October 2023

Join Nicole Mangina & me for a class on Energy+Business Planning!

We are finally into real fall now. My favorite season minus the pumpkin spice latte.

More importantly, for some of us it is Q4. It is not only time to keep going, but re-evaluate how we have met our goals so far this year and plant the seeds for 2024 now.

To that end, my colleague Nicole Mangina and I are offering an Energy + Business Planning Workshop for all Realtors (not just Windermere) on November 3rd at the Seattle Yacht Club.

Here's the link!

The capacity will be 48 people and it is expected to fill quickly.

We hope you'll join us!

How to move on—without making anyone wrong

I used to be a huge fan of Danielle LaPorte. She has morphed her business yet again and is now back in a new direction. I loved her article here about being able to move on - without the need to make anyone wrong. As I see the trees shed their leaves and begin hibernation to re-emerge stronger next spring, it is really great food for thought. Tell me what you think, here's the link: How to move on—without making anyone wrong

I love questions and collect them as you might have heard. Here are 5 great ones that help us focus on the strength of gratitude. I still start all my days with intention and end the day with gratitude.

“The Slight Edge”, I recommend!

My work wife, Laura Kinzel, returned from her Bahamas cruise all rested and centered and it was a beautiful thing to see. Her vacation was so well deserved. On our catch up call, she told me that her friend she traveled with recommended she read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I'm reading it also now. Basically, the premise is that it is not the business planning formula or strategy but rather being disciplined to stick with something. In an era of instant gratification, so many people have lost the discipline to stick with things and often quit too soon. I highly recommend the book also.

Discipline requires motivation.

So how does one harness motivation? No one better than Michael Hyatt to teach us that, here's the link, 6 Keys to Harness Motivation

Genius Idea...

Here is something I noticed that would be really fun to start in October and use as a centerpiece for a Lego loving family! Costco Is Selling A Lego Thanksgiving Centerpiece And All We Have To Say Is... Genius.

Waste No More: The Art of Painting with Old Clothes

If you do not follow me on Facebook you'll have missed that I treated myself to some art for my birthday in August. Eileen Fisher, my favorite clothing company, has started repurposing returned garments into works of art. I love mine as it reminds me of Gus.

Speaking of Genius Ideas…Spice Write Inc.

Finally, don’t hate me but I am one of those people who is a planner and hates waiting until the last minute to buy gifts. I read about this and it reminded my of my FB friend, Kendyl Young who is a Bad A$$ broker/owner in CA and she has recently taken up sketching. I thought her sketches along with family recipes made into a book for family members could be a legacy gift. How special would that be?!

I’ve been wondering for awhile now why this doesn’t exist, and now it does!

Spice Write Inc. is a new self-publishing platform that allows you to collaborate on a cookbook with friends and/or family. It seems to function similarly to a Remento or Storyworth, in which family members are asked to write down memories and upload photos, which are later combined into a book and printed.

You can pick from a variety of themes, and the recipe editor seems pretty robust in terms of layout and format capabilities. Once your cookbook is complete, you can get your book printed as an 8 1/2-inch square spiral-bound book, which is the cheaper option, or an 8 1/2-inch square hardcover. Pricing varies based on page count—the base pricing starts at 24 pages—and is priced per book. Neat

I hope you are noticing many fabulous things all month and asking great questions! Share any fun experiences with me please!

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