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January 2024

~reflecting on 2023~

Here we are at the start of another new year. 2023 went by in the blink of an eye for me. I stayed busy with the work I most love, which is serving my past clients and their referrals. Then mid year, I answered my heart’s longing and formalized this second business of coaching, teaching, and speaking. Diane Terry Coach is the culmination of a longing and the timing seemed right. Each decade for me had a resounding theme to it. As I entered my sixties I realized two things very quickly: 1) no one else’s opinion mattered to me at all any more and 2) I was running out of time. If I wanted to make an impact, I needed to quit making excuses and get to work.


I looked around at small business owners and real estate agents and kept thinking, “I could accelerate their growth", or “I can see they are going to run into trouble” or "why are they continuing to do what does not work?”. By formalizing my business it allowed me to help them in a constructive way.


My one on one coaching clients bring me the most joy as I am in the thick of it with them and helping them in an intense way. Very rewarding. I also found that I love teaching workshops and classes. Also rewarding. I pushed myself in 2023 to do public speaking as I think it's always a good thing to push one self to stay challenged. Low and behold, that was fun also. I recently read that over 89% of blog posts never make it past the third post. I'm happy to be publishing issue number seven and starting to find a rhythm.


I love not just my clients in the real estate industry but other small business owners also. One is Nicole Kincaid who does space clearing and energy work.  Here is her website (   Another new client I consulted with is Concierge Doctor; Audrey Young, MD.  If you're curious about Concierge Level Medical Care or need a great guest speaker, she is your person. Here is her website, (


I think I made it very clear that I'm not a fan of the commercialism of Christmas. I think I surprised my family this year by walking my talk and just not participating, other than to make a beautiful dinner to remember and be grateful for those who came before us and each other. I think my poor daughter felt the Bah Humbug. But I was so much less stressed, relaxed and present.

The “BEST OF” …

One of the things I love the most about the end of the year are all the great “Best Of” Lists. In particular I loved the following:


Dwell Magazines Most Popular Homes of 2023


NPR’s List of 2023 Best CookBooks


NPR’s 10 Best Movies


NPR’s 10 Best Classical Albums



As we look forward to 2024, I'm a fan of having a plan. Not a rigid plan but an outline of things I want to accomplish. Having this top of mind when I start each day helps me focus my day with intention. And it’s true. What you set your mind to materializes. It's not unusual for me to knock off every item on the list when I approach my life this way.


I think retrospection on the year that passed and what worked, what did not, what you want more of or less of. What you enjoyed & want more of. What you did not enjoy and want to eliminate are all important to visit right now. We are only given 24 hours a day. We must learn to appreciate how precious that is and how to maximize it. 


HERE are a list of 10 Questions to end your year intentionally. 


After all these years, I have certain rituals that serve me well. Starting my day with intention and ending with gratitude is one. Encouraging five people before 0800 is another. 


HERE are 12 Quiet Daily Rituals you might want to consider.


Words & Questions

Lastly, my love for Words and Questions is very much alive still. I am going to share with you something that my friend in NYC, Nicky Beauchamp of Sotheby’s, shared with me. I recalled seeing it this time last year but was happy she shared it with me again, so I am sharing it with you HERE


Who needs Biz Coaching in 2024? 

If you, or someone you know, could use some coaching on your business let me know. I plan to have a lot more One Time Triage Sessions in 2024 where I look at a snap shot of someone’s business and pin point the things that would bring in revenue that are being dismissed or not being done and the things that feel good but are not being attended to. It's always easier for someone else to see these things. 


As one of my monthly clients said to me, “I love/hate the tough love. You call it like it is and you are always right. I know it but don’t want to admit it. You make me do something about it. I love/hate you.”   Lol.  That works for me.


Great Questions…

Have you noticed that people are either gatherers and connectors or not? Some people do not like their friend groups to touch. They are most comfortable when their lives are very much compartmentalized like the old Swanson frozen dinner containers. Then there are those who get great joy out of connecting the people in our lives with one another. I fall into the later group. One thing I hope to do in 2024 are Salons: small, curated groups of people over a meal discussing a topic of interest. I love well curated gatherings. I miss them and I'm hoping that by the time this is published the bathroom remodel has finished up so we can have company. Stay tuned.


Let me know what fun things you have in store for the year and the challenges you're facing. I always appreciate your referrals both as a Realtor and a Coach. 


Coach Diane

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