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What Excuses are Stopping You from Realizing Your Full Potential?

Happy July! We are formally in the second half of 2023! It has been another rewarding year so far of being able to help clients close one chapter and open another. I am well ahead of schedule in growing my second business Diane Terry Coach LLC.

The website is up and running with the help of Post & Beam Creative, though I stubbornly have found every excuse under the sun to get new photos of myself. Each day, my blog subscribers grow. So if you have subscribed and are reading this today, please know how deeply grateful I am that you are coming along on my journey.

As the number of people I coach grows and the number of talks and interviews stack for the year, I now profoundly know WHY people can benefit from coaching and why the best athletes and business minds in the world all have coaches.

Coaching is essential for perspective. When you are head down working in your business, you are in the muck and cannot see the forest from the trees. I am looking at the big picture from high up, and it is often so instantly clear from there what needs to be tweaked.

I always begin every coaching relationship by revisiting the facts. In the case of a Real Estate Agent, we examine production numbers for the last three years. Buyers or Sellers, where did the business originate? Who did you enjoy working with the most? Who do you hope never to have to see again?

I found some time ago that for my own business, I wanted to think that my business came due to certain activities I truly enjoy doing however I found that it always eventually resulted in business from Open Houses. What!?!? I hate Open Houses! I always joke that I would rather have a root canal than do an Open House. Yet the numbers did not lie. And when I am honest with myself, I met some of my favorite clients through Open Houses. There is no getting around the facts.

I love these questions from Full Focus Notebooks:

  1. What is the story you are telling yourself about the obstacles you face?

  2. If you had to separate your guesses from facts, what would still be true?

  3. Based on the facts, what would have to be true to overcome your obstacles?

  4. Based on what you know now, what do you need to do next?

How do YOU want to feel on Dec 31, 2023? What steps are you taking to make sure that happens? Are you being action-oriented or making excuses? How about if you reward yourself on that day with the exhilaration of knowing that you gave the rest of 2023 your best shot?

I can help you make that happen.

Here are some other things I have been noticing lately…

Shelley Zavitz is a Portland, OR, REALTOR. She has an amazing site called On Track Agent. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't need to wait till another conference to learn from some of the best in our industry and could do so at our own pace online? Shelley is gathering professionals from around the country and Canada with something to share that will make you more profitable. Shelley recently asked if she could interview me on my Passion Project, Listening. Check out our interview here.

This is NOT where I will be vacationing, but I would love to check it out! Who is a game, and where is Waterville? Why have I never heard of so many towns in this state? I used to be so much more adventurous in my 20s. I would think nothing of getting in my lime green VW Rabbit after last Friday's class in college and hitting the road alone for the coast. I need to find that gal again!

Save the date! For my birthday, on August 11th at 9:00 pacific I'd like to treat you to an hour on Zoom with my friend, Valerie Garcia. Details to come. For now, mark your calendar.

July for Mr. Fox and me means a lot more together time. I need to remind myself that a good marriage is not in the grand gestures but in "the small things often." Just as he brings me coffee in bed each morning, I need to find the small things that say, "I love you" and "I am grateful we have our life together." It could be as small as folding his laundry, frosting some beer mugs, or remembering to turn on the porch light if he returns after dark. And always, always showing that I am happy he is home safely.

The effort is in the doing and not how it is received. It's the small things often, that make the big difference. The Gottman Institute recently had an article about surrounding yourself with happily married couples if you want to be the same. We have a couple in our lives who we do not get to spend nearly enough time with as we would like, but we consider them the Gold Standard of Couples. T & P. I always noticed that they do small things often. No grand theatrical gestures but a steady, reliable presence in each other's lives. They are such a joy to be around, and I always feel that goodness rubs off on us when we are around them. Small things often.

July also signals for us Seattleites that we can enjoy outdoor dining!

My favorite Japanese gift store online, shares Chu-hi: which they are calling one of Japan's Best Summer Cocktails. Looks refreshing!

Another find I noticed was a new paper plate company called Sophistiplates. They will have you looking like Martha Stewart in no time at all. Everything is coordinated for you!

I plan to do a lot of summer reading. I am armed with my sticky notes and the two notebooks I read with. One to copy beautiful sentences and the other to copy beautiful questions. And then I might be upping my highlighter game with this amazing pen from Jet Pens.

If you live in Seattle and are considering an air conditioner, you are out of luck. You can't get someone to give you a bid until September! Mr. Fox thought I was nuts when we bought this house in the dead of winter, and my first call was to install air conditioners. We went with the Mistubishi splits and enjoyed the heat in the wintertime and the air in the summer. When the temps dip below a certain point, the old furnace kicks in, but we use a fraction of the gas we used to. However, I came across this beauty online, and it caught my eye! Isn't she good-looking?

Stay cool and take advantage of July to enjoy your people, and plan on how to finish the year strong. If I can help, you know how to find me. Fall one on one coaching slots are filling up fast.

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